Just played a round of ZombieCraft on Nacht Der Untoten getting 19 (oops I meant 17) new pictures for the wiki!

3 from support sodas

and 16 from weapons

Weapons -MP40 -Mini Uzi -Mini Uzi and MP40 share ammo -Panzerfaust -Sword -Board with a nail in it! -AR35 -Kar98k -AR35 and Kar98k share ammo -Ray Gun -M1911 -Magnum -M1 Garand -Trenchgun

Perk-A-Colas -Juggernog is really chainmail armour -Support Soda People -Support Soda Fountain

The pictures are not up yet but they should be in the next hour or so!

They've been uploaded! I have a list of weapon pages without pictures to get us a goal:

-Speed Soda -JuggernogFountain -Flamethrower -Stun Grenade -Battle Axe -Wonder Sword -Chicken Gun -Mace

Gamerbro64 14:50, March 16, 2012 (UTC)

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